Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Removal


Stingray Body Art offers laser tattoo removal in partnership with Laser and Skin Care Co.!

We are proud to be offering this service, which makes us the only complete full service body art studio in the Greater Boston area.

Every few weeks we will be welcoming Jean Donoghue, LPN,CNC, ET to provide laser treatments to our clients in-house.

Jean Donoghue is a licensed Nurse and Esthetician with almost 15 years of laser and skin care experience. She works as a nurse under Dr. Joseph Russo and is also a certified subdermal therapist. Just give us a call to set up an appointment!

Use Laser to Lighten and Cover-up!

Modern laser tattoo removal is not only effective in removing a tattoo completely, but it is also useful in lightening a dark tattoo enough to make it more easily covered up!

When covering a tattoo normally, the design has to be both bigger and darker than the original. Lightening the tattoo beforehand may make it possible to achieve more ideal results. You are welcome to come in any time to have one of our artists assess your tattoo.

Stingray now offers financing for beautiful permanent makeup! Get approved, get your work done, and pay on an affordable monthly basis!