Kristina Kelley

Kristina Kelley is a dedicated, knowledgeable and fully-licensed professional body piercer who enjoys doing all types of piercing, from navels and nostrils through surface piercings and microdermals, all forms of genital, play piercing and corsets.

Kristina is originally from Brockton MA, where she apprenticed for 2 years under Eric Olsen before becoming a fully certified Body Piercer. Highly-schooled in the health field, Kristina is knowledgeable in all aspects of piercing and piercing care, and pierces with the highest-quality sterile surgical-steel tools and starter jewelery.

Kristina is one of the only professional piercers in the New England region who offers full-service larger piercing projects, and also collaborates with other piercers in the area on special piercing projects and events. Kristina is a true body modification enthusiast and is interested in other forms of body modification including branding and scarification, suspension and more, and is attending seminars and classes all over the US learning the newest and safest techniques and methodologies.

Kristina loves piercing and being pierced, and is available full-time or by appointment for special, highly-custom or large piercing projects.

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